Rei-ki support for 4-yr old

By Julie, Singapore

My daughter was born with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex. It was not diagnosed until she was about five months old. We realised something was wrong when she threw infantile spasms and fits, and this went on until we found a suitable drug which could control it. Unfortunately, this genetic disease has no known cure. It is something like Down’s Syndrome, with a mutation in the chromosome formation.

After reading much and having repeated MRI scans, we realised her poor prognosis. Her scans were riddled with patches in the brain. At five months she already had multiple growths in the cerebral region. That was in 1995.

As any parents would, we were shattered and I began to seek help in all directions of life, from China, India and Arabia, and managed to make contact with the Tuberous Sclerosis Centre in San Francisco. Like any mother, I was desperate, and I knew time was running out.

By some luck, I met up with an old school mate. When I gathered enough strength to mention it again, I did. It gave me a totally different angle for hope. Jacqueline introduced me to rei-ki. She tried her best to explain and describe rei-ki and its possibilities and wonders. Desperate as I was, I was willing to try anything. I found myself enrolled in the Rei-ki I course and before I knew it many rei-ki members wanted to help my daughter with rei-ki.

She had a healing crisis, which sent me panicking back to the hospitals for more scans and EEGs, but the rei-ki went on. I was amazed when the vomiting stopped and she began to gain weight in a month. I have tried to rei-ki my daughter directly, but find it impossible, as she pushes me away, which I think is related to the heat that passes through my palms, so the only way is rei-ki II.

You see my daughter was given till about age four to live. Now everyday past her fourth birthday is a day of triumph and rei-ki brings hope. I must add that I was amazed at the course itself. It isn’t just the energy transfer but the whole content - it’s indescribable. I found a whole new self within me. I let go of the despair that had accumulated. Thank you to everyone at my Rei-ki course.

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